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Bespoke Baka

4 Key Fidget Clicker

4 Key Fidget Clicker

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Fidget toys, we all have them, but is your current fidget fix an extension of your nerdiness? 

Probably not.....

Introducing the Fidget Clicker from Bespoke Baka! What makes us different from other fidget clickers? Well just like our other custom products, we want to give our customers the ability to customize their Fidget Clicker.

Step 1: Choose your base from a large selection of pastel/ soft colors

Step 2: Choose your switches! These are Gateron KS-9 switches and you can pick between Quiet* (Black Switches) or Clicky! (Blue Switches)

Step 3: Choose your keycap color combos! Keycaps are DSA Profile variants.

Step 4: ENJOY!

Keycaps can be removed to swap out for your own compatible keycaps, in the event the switch comes out with your key, simply press the switch back into the switch housing. Switches are designed to be removed and do not have a permanent locking tab. Switches are pressure fit into the base. Keycap numbers are from 1 being furthest away from the wrist strap and 4 being closest to the wrist strap. 

*Black switches still make noise, but the noise is from the keycap hitting the switch not an actual click from the switch itself. To help quiet the fidget clicker further select the rubber o-ring option in the dropdown. 

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