What sleeving do you use?

We use only the finest from Germany, MDPC-X! NO COMPROMISE!!!

What's the average turn around for cables?

As we are still new and acquiring inventory we do estimate around 3 weeks for orders to be completed, this allows for transit times in the invent we need to order more supplies from Germany. If you do need your order faster, send us a message and we can expedite your order for a Rush Fee. 

Where are you located?

We are located in San Antonio, TX

Do you ship internationally?

Yes!!! We do ship internationally and we do have to mark all orders as goods to be in compliance with customs regulations. 

I don't see my power supply on the site, can you help me?

Of course! We would require you to ship us the power supply with stock cables with the understanding we would be using your stock cables to make a pinout and test your new replacement cables. Customer would be responsible for shipping charges. 

Do you test your cables?

Yes! We do a continuity test on all our cables prior to them being shipped. This confirms the pinout is correct prior to arriving at the customers house. 

What if I need to cancel an order?

Cancellations are fine within the first 48 hours after your order unless you pay for the Rush Service. After the first 48 hours if your order has not been started you can cancel it with no penalty. 

Do you offer refunds?

No refunds will be offered. As this is a custom service, your order is made to your desired specifications. 

I got a new power supply, will my cables work with the new one?

Always check prior to using your cables with a new power supply, feel free to reach out, if they are not compatible we can repin the cables to work with your new unit for a fee and customer would be responsible for shipping. 

Can I order sleeving from you?

At this time we are only offering sleeving with the custom cable service, not as a stand alone product.  

Why don't 12VHPWR Cables come with a warranty?

Due to the known issue with the Version 1 of the 12VHPWR onboard connector (3090ti and 4090 series of GPUs) melting, we do not offer any warranty on these cables as the issue is on the GPU itself causing the connectors and cables to fail. This issue with the first generation of 12VHPWR Connectors was fixed with version 2 starting with the RTX 4070 series of GPUs and going forward to resolve the issue.