Hey guys! This guide has been long awaited and is one of our most asked questions regarding ordering cables. 

Currently we offer cables at a default 300mm (12 inches) in length, this length is the length of the wire not including the terminals and connectors. Lengths increase by 50mm (2 inches) between the options to make the risk of getting cables a little too perfect lessened, after all for most cables not including ultra compact SFF cases like the Fractal Terra, a little extra slack is better than not enough. 



-Your gaming setup, without stock PSU wires installed

-Yarn or wire (regular string can also be used but can be a bit flimsy)

-Something to measure with, the longer the ruler the better to avoid breaking up the measurements.

-A sharpie

-Low tack tape (Blue painters tape) 


We are using the SSUPD Meshlicious ITX case for this guide. Ignore that the case does not have a cooler installed, it was removed to give a better visual for the guide. You will want all components installed, except for the stock cables that come with your PSU. 

Cable measuring guide-tape and yarn

Blue painters tape works well since it is low tack and tends not to leave residue marks behind. take your yarn and attach it the entire length of the tape, this roll is about 50mm (2 inches) thick which is something to keep in mind when considering how much slack is allowed for your lengths. 

Cable measuring guide- tape attached to PSU

Align your tape with the yarn/string attached to it with the location of the wire you are measuring, in this example I have lined up the yarn with the lower 8 pin connector to measure the length of the 8 pin EPS cable. This also give roughly 50-75mm (2-3 inches) of slack accounting for the length inside the tape and the offset from the connector location on the PSU. 

 Cable Measuring Guide-Around the panel

Now take your yarn and allow for a gentle bend around the center panel. You will want to avoid any sharp bends as the wire does need room to be routed and will help avoid any issues with cables not being long enough. 

Cable Measuring Guide-around the mid panel 2

Cable Measuring Guide-Top of mid panel

To make things easier tape the yarn to the panel to help keep your place. With our yarn fixed in place run the yarn to the top of mid panel and apply another piece of tape.

Cable Measuring Guide-Top view 1

The SSUPD does not have much headroom for C style routing, it is important to keep this in mind as it will make a difference in the total length required. Due to lack of space, the 8 pin EPS will be looped out and then towards the motherboard.

Cable Measuring Guide-Top View 2

Apply another piece of tape of anchor the yarn at the farthest position of the connector. In this case its closest to the I/O connectors. With a sharpie mark at the top of the connector of the motherboard. This will be your maximum length. At this point you can take your measurement and adjust for any slack you may want to add/subtract from your length. 

Cable Sleeving Guide-Sleeved Cable Top View

Cable Sleeving Guide-Sleeved Cable Rear 1

Cable Measuring Guide- Rear sleeved cable 2

Cable Sleeving Guide-Sleeved cable to PSU

Now keep in mind, some cases have many ways of routing cables but some are more restrictive and can only be routed in a few ways, so keep that in mind when considering your lengths and routing. 

It's that easy though! As a reminder always double check your measurements and its almost always better to round up than round down when selecting your cable lengths on the site. If you are still unsure of something, feel free to use the "contact us" feature on the website and we can help. 

-Bespoke Baka



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